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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Okfencing

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Training Uniform Colourful without triangle

Colourful Training Uniform

Epee Electrical Weapon

Epee Weapon

"350NW Fencing Uniform"

350NW fencing uniform

"Fencing Piste Colourful"

Colourful Fencing Piste

Voice Of Our Customers

Hello Chen,
The package arrived, The product looks very good,Congratulations for the quality, It is very nice of you,because value with 150 to specify

Christian, Germany

Hi Chen

Thanks for the note. We have had a chance to look over the gear, excluding the lame/blades as we haven’t begun to use them as yet, But, thus far, we are very happy.
The clothing is well made, the sizing reflects the true sizing and there is no issue in terms of price and quality.

Robert, Canada

Yesterday afternoon two packages came in, I checked everything with little time I had and everthing looks good, Quality is excellent. I’ll be in touch on Monday with some other needs.

Walter, USA

I received your package, Many,many,many thanks! I’m really surprised for the quality of the products, I especially like the body cord, I have never assembled a body wire with pleasure, but with these connectors it is really a feast, I also have never seen the soft rubber stress relieve,I think this will work very well.

Mark, Holand

I got the goods, First I would like to say that I appreciate a lot that you’ve put the complete foil inside. Thanks you very much for that.Second, I must say that the blades are of really good qulaity,I was much surprised because these surpass regular(non-FIE) blades at Allstar and PBT.Balance,stiffness/flexibility and other characteristics are much better in thes blades. Like them!

Filip, Croatia

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