Show: Easy to Install a Fencing Piste

  • Made by light weight aluminium alloy

  • Size is upon your workshop like 1.0m,1.2m,1,5m,1.6m,1.8m,2.0m.

  • Lock catch design of each module, Easy to install

  • Rubber mounted at the back of each piste/strip to protect the scrap of floor board

  • Anti-slip lamination design in surface

  • We support your club logo

Name: wall punch pad with 5 hole

Name: Cable for reel

"Fencing Referee table"

Name: Fencing referee table in Red, White, Yellow

“over real parts”

Name: overhead reel parts,

fencing supporting wire

Item: OKPC14
Name: Fencing dummy Target (Movable and with break)

Item: OKPC15
Name: Fencing dummy Target with cross frame

Rubber Fencing Piste

Item: OKFE24
Name: Fencing wall target with 5 hole (40*40)