Foil Guard

Foil Guard Colorful

Foil Guard Golden

Epee Guard

Sabre Guard

Epee Guard Colorful

Epee Guard Golden

Sabre Guard Colorful

Sabre Guard Golden

2 prong Foil Socket

  • We produce all kinds of fencing accessory for weapon

  • The Guard for Foil, Epee, Sabre are made by aluminium alloy

  • The socket is produced by stainless steel.

  • We support customer tailored fencing accessory

Epee socket Red

Sabre Socket

Foil bayonet socket

Foil &Epee Rubber Grip

Foil Pistol Grip

Epee Pistol Grip

Epee  Pommel Non insulated

Foil  Pommel Non Insulated

Sabre Rubber Grip

Sabre Pommel Insulated

Sabre Guard Sleeve

Electrical point Golden

Epee electrical point

Epee electrical point

Foil Electrical Point

Foil electrical point

Epee blade wire Chinese Type

Epee blade wire(Chinese Type)

Epee blade wire(Germany type)