HEMA Gear and Historical Fencing Gear Supplier

Historical Fencing Gear is used in Historical Fencing sports which includes below equipment

1.350NW mask in Black, with or without washable linning

2.1600NW FIE masks in Black,with or without washable linning

3. Mask overlay

4. HEMA jacket and HEMA breeches(For Beginning and For professional)

5. Plastic Chest protecotr etc…

Coach Mask

Item Number: OKHM3

Description: 350NW Masks Black

1600NW HEMA Mask

Item: OKHM5

Description:1600NW Fencing MASKS Black

OK_350NW_HEMA Jacket_White

Item: OKHM1

Description: 400NW Fencing Jacket_White_Black

OK Fencing Breeches_Black_350NW

Item Number: OKHM2

Description: 400NW Fencing Breeches in Black

HEMA Jacket with pad inside

Item: OKHM1.1

Name: HEMA Fencing Jacket_with Padding inside

HEMA Breeches with pad inside

Item: OKHM2.1

Name: HEMA Fencing Breeches_with Padding

HEMA Mask with logo

Item: OKHM8

Name: Custom made HEMA MASK with bar inside and Cover at the back, Carbon Steel

OK Fencing_HEMA mask with Overlay

Item: OKHM9

Name: Mask overlay with 2mm plate

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