OK Fencing Clothes(350NW)

  • The 350NW OK fencing Clothes and uniform include fencing jacket, fencing pants,fencing knickers and fencing underplastron.
  • We obtained the CE certification which is released by ALIENOR CERTIFICATION in France, It is tested upon UE 2016/425, EN 13567, PPE Type 1. We can produce them upon standard EU size chart or US size chart, or your measurement.                                                           
  • Front zipper and Back zipper is at your favorate                                                   
  • Custom tailored orders with red,blue,or green stripes on fencing jacket and fencing pants or fencing knickers.                                                                                                   
  • Economic fencing Clothes, Heavy fencing uniform and Advanced fencing uniform is available to meet your target from all of aspect.                                                                                 
  • Standard Euro Size for kids are 128~170, adult are 44~60

Name:Fencing Jacket, Heavy
Spec:RH,LH,Back zip

Name:Fencing breeches and pants, Heavy

Name:Fencing underplastron, Heavy

Fencing Jacket-OK Fencing

Name:Fencing Jacket, Advanced type
Spec:RH,LH,Back zip

OK Fencing_350NW Fencing Breeches

Name:Fencing Jacket, Advanced

350NW Fencing Plastron-OK Fencing

Name:Fencing underplastron, Advanced

OK Fencing Jacket with Blue Stripes

Name:Fencing Jacket with blue stripes, Heavy
Spec:RH,LH,Back zip

OK Fencing Breeches with Blue Stripes

Name:Fencing breeches and pants with blue stripes, Heavy

OK Fencing Jacket_Green Stripes

Name:Fencing Uniform with Green stripes.

Spec:Right Hand or Left Hand

OK Fencing Jacket_Black_350NW

Name:Fencing Jacket Black (350NW+)

OK Fencing Breeches_Black_350NW

Name: Fencing Pants Black(350NW+)

OK Fencing_underplastron_Black_350NW

Name:Fencing Plastron Black (350NW+)

We prepare enough fabric of fencing clothes and half product to produce fencing jacket, fencing pants and fencing underplastron, which can support faster delivery.

We have skilled operator, all of them are working at our company more than 5 years, which can be sure your order for fencing jacket, fencing pants and fencing underplastron are taoiled very well.

Customer tailored Fencing Clothes with Stripes

Fencing Vest with stripes
  1. Item Number: Pending
  2. This is customer tailored fencing clothes with stripe
  3. Option is red, green,blue stripes.
  4. Available for 350NW fencing uniform and FIE fencing clothes
  5. The position for when to add can be upon your requirement
  6. Size: Standard Allstar or US size chart.
  • Better heavy fabric, it reach 560g.

  • More Durable with YKK Zipper

  • Excellence workmanship with Skilled Operator

  • Strong Ykk zip, It is more durable

  • CE 350N compliant

  • Support customer tailored

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