Plastic Chest Protectors

This is Fencing Chest Protectors, which is produced by hard plastic, used for Chest Protectors during fencing activities. It has different for Man Chest Protector and Woman Chest Protector.

It has size XS,S,M,L,XL as option for both man and woman

If you need join Fencing Competition, we have FIE type of fencing chest protector with extra layer on the plastic chest protector

Woman Chest Protector 2

Item: OKFE19

Woman Chest Protectors

Man Chest Protector 2

Item: OKFE18

Man Chest Protectors

FIE Chest Protectors

We produce and supply FIE Chest Protectors as well, which is used for Foil Fencing Sports upon FIE competition requirement. It is FIE certified and suitable for man and woman, with size XS,S,M,L, and XL. You can buy FIE soft cover separately if you already have Plastic Chest Protectors upon your requirement.

Man FIE Chest Plastron

Item: OKFE18.1

FIE Man Chest Protectors

Woman FIE Chest Plastron

Item: OKFE19.1

FIE Man Chest Protectors