FIE Fencing Piste and Textile fencing piste

  • Mutilple options: We produce FIE Fencing Piste,Textile fencing piste, roll out piste, rubber piste which is used for fencing training and competition in fencing club, fencing school, fencing academy and fencing association.
  • Free size is available: It can be upon the layout of your fencing hall.
  • Easy installation: No need for bolts, nuts and tape when installing.
  • It is widely used in fencing club,fencing school,fencing academy, it can be laser with your own logo.
  • Send me your message by email or whatsapp right now, I will give you the best options

Show: Easy to Install a Fencing Piste

Q & A:

1. What is Fencing piste dimensions.
The standard dimension of fencing piste is 1.5 meter width, The length of fencing piste is 16 or 17 meter.
but we also produce custom tailored size fencing piste like 1.0 meter ,1.2 meter, 1.8 meter or 2 meter width,
length is 10 meter, 12 meter, 14 meter, or 18 meter which is upon layout of your fencing club.

2. What is material of fencing piste.
The material of fencing piste we used is aluminium alloy. The advantage is light, long lifetime. The weight is only 18 KG for one section like 1.0 meter *1.5 meter.

3. The best flooring for installing fencing piste.
You can layout the fencing piste to any floor either wooden or concrete.

5. Is it easy to install fencing piste in fencing club?
It is very easy, we have auto locked design for each module, so 10~20 minutes is enough.

6. How to buy the fencing piste?
It is near 330 KG for one 1.5 meter *18 mete fencing piste. most of fencing club or school will procure more than 2 PC.
so the fencing piste should be deliver by sea or by train( depends on which country are you from).
so I have to make official quotation upon your requirement like size, quantities. Then you pay accordingly

  • Made by light weight aluminium alloy

  • Size is upon your workshop like 1.0m,1.2m,1,5m,1.6m,1.8m,2.0m.

  • Lock catch design of each module, Easy to install

  • Rubber mounted at the back of each piste/strip to protect the scrap of floor board

  • Anti-slip lamination design in surface

  • We support your club logo

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