Foil fencing blades and Foil electrical blade

As top 3 supplier of fencing sports equipent, We produce and supply Foil bared blades and Foil electrical blade in long tang and short tang.

Size of 0#,2#, and 5# which is suitable for french grip and pistol grip.

It is popular used in Foil fencing sports in fencing school, fencing club and fencing academy.

The standard Foil fencing blade is silivery and polished, but it is cheap, but easy to get rusty.

so we also produce Antirust Foil Fencing Blade, Colorful Foil Fencing Blade, Golden Foil Fencing Blade, Blue coated Foil Fencing Blade etc.

By the way, The standard weight of Foil blades is 190g, we also produce Super Light Foil Fencing Blade which is only 170g which is developed upon customer and market requirement.

Item: OKFO11
Name: Foil Wired Blade with Point


Item: OKFO13
Name: Foil Electric Blade Golden

Item: OKFO15
Name: Foil Practice Blade


Item: OKFO12
Name: Foil Electric Blade Coloured