FIE Fencing Uniform and Fencing Clothes

We are FIE certified manufacturer and exporter of fencing equipment, we obtained the FIE certification which is released by ALIENOR CERTIFICATION in France, It is tested upon UE 2017/425, EN 13567, PPE Type 2. We can produce them upon standard EU size chart or US size chart, or your measurement.

Our FIE fencing Clothes include FIE fencing jacket, fencing pants,fencing knickers and fencing underplastron, which is available from kids to adult and used for fencing training and international fencing competition. which is widely used in fencing club, fencing school.

At the same time, We offer economic fencing uniform, advanced fencing uniform to meet your target from all of aspect. feel free contact us with your requirement

OK Fencing_FIE fencing jacket

Name:Fencing Jacket(800NW)_ECO Type

Name:Fencing Breeches(800NW)_ECO Type

OK Fencing_FIE underplastron

Name:Fencing Plastron(800NW)_ECO Type

OK Fencing_FIE fencing jacket_National team

Item: OKFIE2.1
Name: Nation team_Fencing Jacket(800NW)

OK Fencing_FIE fencing breeches_National

Item: OKFIE2.2
Name: Nation team Fencing Breeches(800NW)

OK Fencing_FIE underplastron_National

Item: OKFIE2.3
Name: Nation team Fencing Plastron(800NW)

Woman FIE Chest Plastron

FIE Chest Plastron for Woman

Man FIE Chest Plastron

FIE chest plastron for Man


Stab Proof Undershirt

  • 800 N. Accepted by FIE and tested in CE laboratory.

  • Red or blue lining is option upon your requirement

  • Completely stretch material. Suitable for all national and international competitions.

  • Allstar euro standard size or US size is available

  • FIE certificed