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We produce high quality of fencing body cord, Foil and Sabre body cord and 3 prong Epee body cord with transparent plug or colourful plug, It can be allstar type,Italy type and Bayonet type which meet FIE rules upon your requirement. at the same time, we also produce mask cord, socket, plug pin,Retaining clip and blade wires, It is widely used in Fencing sports activities. It has been verified by our customers from USA, CANADA,Germany, UK, Australia etc.

This is Italy type of body cord, with top quality

Item: OKFO26.2
Name:Foil body cord with blue wire and transparent plug (Italy type)

FIE body cord with transparent plug

Name:Foil and Sabre body cord(Allstar type)

Italy body cord transparent

Name:Foil and Sabre body cord with transparent plug(Italy type)

Name: Foil bayonet bodywire

Ask price Today with your requirement
"Crocodile clip"

Name: Crocodile clip

"Banana Plug Pin"

Name: Plug pin(3mm,4mm)
Spec: Banana,Germany…Lantern type

"Retaining clips"

Retaining clip

“Epee socket”

Name:Epee Socket

Name:Foil bayonet bodywire

"Plastic Weapon Tester"

Plastic Weapon Tester


Metal Weapon Tester

"3 Pin Plug"

Name: 3 pin plug


Name: 2 pin plug(Allstar and Italy type)


Metal Weapon Tester


Item: OKSA32.1

Description: High quality mask cord 45cm

  • The body cord could be blue, black, red, transparent

  • The socket is made by stainless steel instead of  sheet iron 

  • We supply high quality body cord,socket,Retaining clip, plug pin etc

  • We supply All Star type, Italy type and Bayonet body cord

  • Different type of plug pin like Lantern type,Banana,Germany type etc.