Wheelchair Fencing Equipment

What is wheelchair fencing?
Wheelchair fencing is for athletes who have spinal injuries,lower leg amputations or cerebral palsy.
Athletes who regularly use a wheelchair are also able to play the sport.
During competition, athletes’ wheelchair are fastened to the floor.

What is equipment needed for wheelchair fencing sports?
1. one Wheelchair for fencing
2. wheelchair fencing piste
3. wheelchair fencing frame.

Wheelchair Fencing Equipment is produced and developed according to FIE and IWFC rules

Wheelchair fencing
Item numberOKPC17
DescriptionWheelchair for fencing sports
ApplicationUsed for disabled people for foil, epee and sabre fencing sports training and competition
MaterialHigh Strength Aluminium Alloy
SpecificationDesign and produced upon ISWF rules
DescriptionWheelchair Fencing Piste
Size3 meter x 4 meter, or upon your drawing
SpecificationUpon FIE organization
Thickness1.5 cm
Fencing Piste for disabled people 2
DescriptionWheelchair fencing Frame
Column 1 Value 2Column 2 Value 2
Column 1 Value 3Column 2 Value 3
ApplicationThis is special item for Wheelchair Fencing only